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At flexup DIRECT we prioritize your well-being, while ensuring your career thrives. We've taken measures to offer a healthier, balanced life with our unique benefits.

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Elevate your career with our precision matching engine, tailoring an individual experience just for you.

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We utilize data to harness the power of informed decision-making every step of your professional journey.

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“Choosing flexup DIRECT was the best choice I've made as a travelling nurse! I get the best rates for the area and my recruiter is fun to work with.”

Rachel T.

Registered Nurse

My Recruiter is fantastic and has worked very hard to help me get settled into this new company smoothly and efficiently! She is always available via text, phone, or email and responds promptly as well! Highly recommend flexup DIRECT for your travel needs!

Brandi P

Registered Nurse

My flexup Recruiter always goes above and beyond in order to meet my needs as a traveler and is super flexible with me! Her professionalism is phenomenal, and she is very personable! I enjoy working with flexup, and I would not want to work with anyone else.

Alena P

Registered Nurse

The staff at flexup DIRECT has been amazing from start to finish. Anytime I have any questions, any issues, they are quick to respond. Shout out to my recruiter. She is awesome. I appreciate the opportunity and I look forward to a long journey with Flexup.

Lodrick W

Registered Nurse

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